Marketing and Survey Enquiries

Please note that we do not accept any unsolicited marketing of any kind; including via telephone, sms, fax, email or postal.  The same applies to recruitment agencies, surveys, offers of research or white papers.

We do not accept anyone using the “Legitimate Interests” lawful basis under GDPR to process our personal data. We will only accept communications to which we have given clear, informed consent.

Social media and apps: If we are networked on LinkedIn please do not extract our email addresses and other personal data. Do not upload our personal details to any social media, communications, marketing or other sites and apps without our express consent. Please respect our privacy and keep our communications strictly within the original platform that we connected on.

This is a decision we had to make as we were receiving almost as many calls and emails from companies trying to sell us their products and services as we get from our customers. Plus we work in the data and identity protection sector, so unsolicited contact never goes down well as you shouldn’t have our details anyway.

On a positive note, we do purchase through official UK distribution channels (we are not interested in grey imports). If you are an official UK distributor or manufacturer then you may send us a one-off introductory email to “suppliers2018 at” and we will get back to you if you have a product or service that is of interest to us.

Cobalt ICT is registered with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS).