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Cyber Security

Just one data breach can cause significant, long-term damage to to your business. Threats come in all forms, both externally and from within. We can review your existing...

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GDPR & Data Privacy

The General Data Protection Regulation, the ePrivacy Regulation, the NIS Directive and the requirements of the PCI DSS can be quite complex to interpret and deploy throughout your organisation...

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Identity Protection & Online Safety

Identity Protection issues affect both businesses and individuals alike. It can include identity theft and criminal activity through to dealing with online trolls, hate crime and even stalkers...

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IT Consultancy

We provide networking and IT consultancy services. Whether it's solving issues with your existing infrastructure or designing a new solution for you...

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Cyber Security

It only takes one data breach to cause significant, long-term damage to your business’ reputation. In recent years Cyber Security has become one of the most important parts of successful IT strategies and traditional firewalls only protect against the¬†most basic of threats.

Your data needs to be protected against more than hackers, Malware that can steal or encrypt data is a big threat nowadays. Another common target is phishing of privileged user credentials and no longer just those of Administrators.

Data needs to be encrypted on hard drives (known as At Rest) and when being transmitted elsewhere across a network (known as In Transit). For a small business this can often be easily achieved fairly easily, whereas a large multi-national organisation would face a much more complex challenge, possibly requiring a dedicated hardware solution.

Unified Threat Management (UTM) Security Appliances provide not only the functionality of a traditional firewall, but also provide intrusion detection, anti-malware, anti-spam, content filtering and VPN capabilities in one integrated package. They provide a modern integrated solution that saves on the time taken to install and maintain them.

In addition to a UTM device it is important to deploy a SIEM (Security Information Event Management) platform. A SIEM will automatically identify and alert you to hacking attempts, user account issues, malware and many other types of security incident.

We can look at your current IT security infrastructure and make recommendations and changes to improve the protection it provides or we can design you a newer replacement solution.