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The Office GroupYes, it’s true, we are offering all members of The Office Group a 20% discount on our consultancy and support labour rates forever! Well, for as long as your company remains a TOG member (and we do too, of course).

As well as offering hourly, daily and weekly rates we also offer packaged services that are extremely cost-effective.

For example, does your business need a part-time Data Protection Officer (DPO) to keep you up to date with current legislation and to deal with any internal or customer GDPR issues that may come up? If so then why not use us as a cost effective solution with one of our DPO Retainer packages.

Do you know exactly where you stand with regards to upcoming regulations such as ePrivacy? Perhaps you carried out your own GDPR compliancy work and would like us to give your policies and procedures a once-over to make sure that they give you and your customers the most appropriate levels of protection. Will your GDPR policy sit nicely with the upcoming ePrivacy regulation?

Is it possible that your computers have been compromised by hackers? Would you know if they had been? Maybe they are just running a lot slower than they used to. If so then a Computer Health Check might be just what you need.


Our services include:

Cyber Security: Security health checks, design and consultancy as well as technical support.
Data Privacy: Consultancy and creating policies and procedures for regulations such as GDPR and ePrivacy.
IT and Networking Consultancy: System design and advice as well as finding more efficient ways to work. 
IT Support: From technical issues and user training through to platform migration and upgrades. 
Website Design: Cost effective, modern business website design starting from £400.
Identity Protection: Identity theft and fraud investigation, dealing with trolls and stalkers.


Here are our special TOG member rates and some examples of our packaged services;

Packaged Services: TOG Rate Standard Rate
DPO Retainer (1-9 employees) £200 per month £250 per month
DPO Retainer (10-49 employees) £400 per month £500 per month
DPO Retainer (50+ employees) £800 per month £1,000 per month
Half day review your GDPR Policies £200 £250
Review of just your Privacy Policy £60 £80
Computer Health Check (per device) £30 £40
Website design (starting from £400) £400 £500
Consultancy and IT Support Rates: TOG Rate Standard Rate
Hourly £60 £80
Half Day (4 hours) £200 £250
Full Day (8 hours) £400 £500
Weekly Rate (40 hours) £1,800 £2,250

All prices are subject to VAT at 20%


You can contact myself, Martin Kayes, either by telephone on 020 70 60 50 11, by email on the Contact Us page or you can even use the messaging feature within the TOG app.

For those who don’t know Cobalt ICT, the business is in its 14th year and until recently was based in Newcastle upon Tyne, relocating to London in 2017. It’s a small business, currently just myself since relocating to London, and I work out of the White Collar Factory next to Old Street Station.


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