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Cyber Security

It only takes one data breach to cause significant, long-term damage to your business’ reputation. In recent years Cyber Security has become one of the most important parts of successful IT strategies and traditional firewalls only protect against the most basic of threats.

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GDPR & Data Privacy

On the 25th May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came in to force and there still is a fair amount of confusion about just what exactly must be done to become compliant. Additionally, in the UK the Data Protection Act 2018 will be published and will run in parallel with GDPR.

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Consultancy Services

In excess of 30 years experience consulting in Cyber Security, Identity Protection, IT Consultancy and Data Networking; providing solutions for a wide range of clients from small businesses through to large multi-national organisations and local government.

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Identity Protection

Identity Protection affects both businesses and individuals. Cases include identity theft and fraud through to dealing with hate crime and tracking down online trolls or stalkers. High profile individuals such as celebrities, journalists and company directors need to protect their identities and reputation, perhaps even more so than most businesses.

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For IT Support Clients Only

If we need to remotely take control your computer we will ask you to click on the TeamViewer link below and to run the TeamViewer file when prompted.

**Warning: Hackers and Fraudsters use similar remote control tools to trick you in to letting them take over your computer. Please ensure that you are speaking to a genuine member of our staff before proceeding.