Fraud & Scams

ThinkingFraud and scams affect both businesses and individuals alike. Crimes such as Identity Theft, Invoice Fraud, Authorised Push Payment scams, Romance Scams and complex Crypto Scams. Everybody is a target for criminals nowadays. In most cases we can trace the scammers and any stolen funds, working with your bank and the police to begin the recovery process.

Identity Protection is another subject that affects both businesses and individuals – cases range from identity theft and fraud through to dealing with hate crime and tracking down online trolls or stalkers. High profile individuals such as celebrities, journalists and company directors need to protect their identity and reputation.

We have carried out confidential identity protection work for countless numbers of celebrities and their management, individual members of the public as well as helping to protect the reputation of many businesses.

We can train people to be aware of their actions, how to lock down their privacy settings, deal with threats and also what tell-tale signs to look for. In addition we train people to be aware of the risks involved in posting information publicly on social networks – ask me about the time I was able to tell a celebrity friend what hotel and room she was in just from one harmless selfie posted on Instagram.

Perhaps you want to take control of your personal information that is in the public domain? We can carry out a detailed audit and let you know what information is publicly available and then work with you to have it removed. Additionally, understanding how scammers and trolls operate and what they look for helps you avoid accidentally leaking key information to these individuals.