IT Consultancy

LaptopOver the years with the growth of cloud computing and the popularity of wireless networking the traditional business infrastructure has undergone significant changes. Many businesses still prefer to run traditional desktop / server infrastructures that may not be as cost effective and efficient as a cloud based solution.

Would moving your services in to Microsoft’s Azure, or Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform be right for your business? Is it right for you and what are the security implications?

Even just moving to cloud storage solutions, such as Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive or the more secure service from Firmex,¬†are ideal for organisations that are geographically diverse or are looking to implement a secure but flexible file sharing solution.

With the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) it is important to make sure your existing systems are secure, reliable and flexible enough to deal with the new requirements. We can also help with you with establishing your compliancy policies and procedures.

We can work with your existing systems to solve issues challenging your business (we like a good challenge) and to improve their performance or we can design and install a completely new infrastructure for you.